Published On: March 22nd, 2023


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Investing is for the long term – 

The best strategy for investing is to buy and hold assets and watch them grow with patience. Also, the time to contribute more is when market performance is on the decline and investment pricing is going down.


I do not control the investment markets – 

If the value of an investment goes up or down, it is not due to any action on my behalf, but do to economic factors such as interest rates, inflation, dollar valuation, trade policies, etc. 


It is impossible to time the market – 

No one can. No one ever has. No one ever will. That is why we invest for the long term. Risk is reduced drastically as you extend your investment horizon. As you know, markets go up and down. I’ve noticed that in a 5 year timespan, on average, we will see 3.5 years of growth, and 1.5 years of a downturn.


It is illegal to guarantee returns on investment funds – 

I cannot promise you a specific return on your investments held in anything other than a GIC or Savings Account. In regards to Investment Funds, all we can do is analyze past performance data in hopes of getting an idea of management style and potential performance. This is also why we complete an investor profile. For example: In conservative investment funds, we hope to get an average return of 5-6%. For growth funds, we hope to get 10%+ on average. But these are NOT guarantees.


What my role is as an Advisor – 

It’s my responsibility to give my clients information so that they can make the best decisions for themselves. I advise on what type of registration the investments should have, (RRSP, TFSA, etc). I help find your level of risk tolerance and invest accordingly. 


Timeless truths about investing – 

The more you invest now, the more you’ll have in retirement. The most powerful resource you have on your side is TIME! 


How I get compensated – 

I collect ‘trailer fee’ commissions paid directly by the Investment Companies I deal with, based on the total amount of assets I have under my management. 


Sales Fee Structure for Clients – 

I invest my client’s money via a 0% Front End Load (FEL) fee structure. 

i.e.: there is no cost to my client for making deposits or withdrawals from the investment fund accounts.

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